A South Bank Busker’s Recording Glory

Here I am again, Chuck the Southbank London busker also known as the old black guy playing guitar in kingson. I do mostly covers but I’m trying my hands at writing songs. I can often be seen doing my one man band show around the South bank Centre London and in Kingston Upon Thames shopping centre in Surrey my two main places for busking.

If you are looking for a street musician, one man band of all seasons, all weather, come rain, come shine then look no further than this old hard-core busker. I have done it all. I have also been performing in Paris as mentioned before. Two of the most exciting indoor venues I have performed at in Paris are le Divan and le Bass Cleff clubs. I have also played in an Irish pub call Edward and Son which is in Pigalle just outside the red light area and not far from the famous Moulin Rouge which is in the heart of the red light area. In London I have performed in small festivals, for weddings, birthdays, and have been a supporting act for an English band call “Super Thriller” on three occasions. On each occasion it was a packed venue.

Who will I be supporting next? could it be the hot Rihana? You will have to keep checking back to find out.

I have worked my way up learning the Tricks of the Trade in busking. It could have been better or worse though it haven’t been too bad in general. I have appeared on MTV singing “love me tender” which was film outside the National Film Theatre ( Southbank Centre London) in1999. The theatre is now call the British Film Institute. I have performed live on UK’s LBC Radio in 2007 and have been seen on  BBC TV news when Mayor Boris Johnson walked pass as I was busking along the Southbank on the day he first became Mayor of London. I have also appeared on ITV news while busking in Kingston Surrey.

I have become more well known since recording a couple of tracks for a vinyl project for Jeremy Deller. Jeremy Deller is a conceptual artist who won the Turner prize for his reenactment of the miners strike and they clashes with the police in 1984 which lasted for  a long time and became known as the Battle of Orgreave. You can learn more about Jeremy here. Jeremy stumble upon my musical act a few years ago along the South Bank London, liked what he heard got and kept my details so when this project came up to do the recording he asked me if I was interested and as I’m not the one to let a good opportunity go by I said yes. Hence a South Bank Busker’s Recording Glory was born in 2011 and it has given me an extra boost to keep soldiering on.  

Jeremy wanted two songs recorded for the vinyl project which he though would go down well, a cover version of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues and Harry Belafonte’s Island in the Sun. This was also film by The BBC as they were making a  television programme about Jeremy’s work. Here is the link to our work in the studio. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00pg43x

and signing the record sleeves.http://vimeo.com/38155284

The BBC played the recording on one of their radio stations. What that means I’ll quote from one of my blues “after all my hard travelling things about coming my way”.

I’ll just like to point out that these recordings were recorded live to masters with no way of playing back to hear before pressing no way of cheating and editing to produce perfect master recordings but the raw results sounds very good even-though I felt they could have done with a little tweaking here and there from my foot instruments

The vinyl equipment used for the recording is of the early days valves type that is still working perfectly well today thanks to the knowledge of a few engineers keeping it in good condition. I have some knowledge of valves, transistors and ic chips so I can teach them a few tricks I still have up my sleeves.

I just want to say thank you to Jeremy Deller who’s idea it was to start with, Sean Bidder and everyone at the vinyl factory, the BBC film crew and any one who I may have missed in helping to make the whole vinyl project a success.

In another of Jeremy’s projects. I was invited to perform and be recorded this time on the boat known as “A Room for London” moored on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth hall at the Southbank Centre London. Well, I did it my way, on the boat 2012 and believe I am the only one to date to have performed up there of which I am proud to share with you the video.  http://www.aroomforlondon.co.uk/hearts-of-darkness/mar-2012-jeremy-deller-and-chuck .

I do appreciate your comments. At the moment I’m busy performing, working on the site applying some of your tips and looking for more juicy stuff to add. I will try to get around to replying to your comments as I journey to the next crossroads.

“As I learn more I hope to earn more”. This quote is from me.

Before I go here is a famous quote from someone else.” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day”. “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. I hope I’m teaching some you folks out there to fish.

Chuck the Southbank busker also known as the old black guy playing guitar in kingson saying, thanks and see you soon with more updates and improvements.   Back to top

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