Music, Health and Fitness

Music in general has become very common within the fitness industry. Keep fitters are showing a shared love for music and fitness in fitness centres, health clubs, community centres, schools and where ever it is possible for exercise to music instructors to setup. Joggers running with music has become very common also. Here are ten facts that show music is good for your health. 

The next angle we need to also focus on within health and fitness is our diet. In these times of fast junk food we must also remember the proper ways of preparing traditional home cooked meals that are healthy. Sometimes while out busking some people who have known me for a long time would say to me “you look the same always you don’t seem to age how do you manage?”. Well, I can assure you I am aging slowly, I suppose it’s down to my roots, traditional eating and keeping fit habits. I must admit though, I do sample junk foods like everyone does but I always go back to the traditional foods I grew up with and it’s not hard to find these days.

My upbringing in Barbados, (my roots), in my early years meant I was exposed to a lot of outdoor activities and we had the freedom of the streets because there were hardly any vehicles in the country areas apart from a few buses and there would stop around 8 pm. Today, the roads are busy with all kinds of traffic and most youngsters are indoors with they computers while a few are still hanging on out there and including football into they activites. Traditional cooking consisted of a lot of ground provisions, a (West Indian term) for all the ground food stuff you can think of that grows and we cook it. Example, bread fruitcorn, coconutgreens, ricesweet potatoesenglish potatoescarrots etc. Meat and fish is also included. Over the years people’s eating habits have changed with a lot of fast food places springing up every where in the world and because we are looking for a quick fill we are not paying attention to the health risks involve. We are told by nutritionist and every one in the health profession we should be having a high fibre intake lots of water, fruit, vegetable etc. to improve our health but for some of us it appears impossible to even drink a point of water a day, it’s easier to drink points of beer, water is almost free, just turn the tap and its there. I was drinking tap water since I was a baby and still do. Since the mass migration of people from the tropical countries, a large variety of fruits, greens and vegetables are more widely available than ever before. Find out here why the old saying”an apple a day keeps the doctor a way”.

Some more Roots history I dug up and Bread Fruit recipes.

Breadfruit was brought to the Caribbean in the eighteenth century as a staple part of the slaves’ diet.   Originally, the tree grew in the Polynesian islands, where it was called “ulu.”  The slaves didn’t like the fruit, however, and refused to adopt it as a staple part of their food supply until years after abolition of slavery. Today, breadfruit is a standard element in local dishes.The tree itself easily stands forty to sixty feet tall with spreading branches.  The leaves are large (up to three feet in length) and deeply lobed, with dark green, smooth upper surfaces and paler undersides with distinct veins. The fruit itself is roundish, green, and weighs up to ten pounds (English weight) or 4.54 kg. The meat has a slightly nutty flavor.

Captain Bligh and his crew first tried to import the tree in 1787 from Tahiti.  According to one source, however, the crew rebelled when the seeders soaked up more than their share of drinking water and Bligh rationed his men’s water supply.  During the rebellion, the dissenters set Bligh, his loyalists, and the trees adrift in the ocean.  Bligh and his followers survived to make the trip again–successfully– in 1793.

From the corn which is also known as maize when ground produces a flour, known as corn meal. I can think of four things to use this for (1) porridge (2) cake and two Barbados traditional dishes, conkies and cou cou with flying fish.

In my school we were taught to plant all kinds of food and gardening was part of the educational curriculum in those days. Gardening is a good way of keeping healthy and active. Remember the old proverb what you sow you reap. If you plant something that’s bad you will reap something that’s bad and this goes for lots of other situations in life. A proverb is a form of parable, you hear it, study it, understand it and apply it in your lives journey.

It is said in the bible in Matthew 13 verse 34 “Jesus spoke to the crowd in parables”. Do you know why my friends?, because he wants us to develope the skills to read between the lines, to think and don’t just expect to have the answer put before us on a silver plate and put in our hands. By developing these skills we can improve our wisdom and knowledge of every situation around us. Lives journey is not an easy one so keep your mind, body and soul active and fit.

Back to health and fitness, here is Something to share with you which includes some of the ground foods I mentioned above.