The Old Black Guy Captured

He is known as The entertainer, Chuck the Southbank London busker, street musician, the old black guy playing guitar in Kingson, hard-core busker, troubadour, well whatever you like.

A true entertainer, street performer is one who you can guarantee to stumble upon entertaining anywhere, in any weather at any time. Here is an example. The old black guy was captured on an iphone one cold winters night by the River Thames on the Southbank London doing a version of Somewhere over the rainbow and Jamaica farewell. It was dark apart from the night lights and the beautiful night scenary for backdrop. You could just see him at times there in the dark. A few members of the public were passing as the film was being made for a you tube video by Derek Smith on his iphone. The old black guy didn’t mind being recorded as long as it was good and funny. Remember this was all done “on the spur of the moment” with no advance planning. Call and respond is a tradition in African folk music,  where a group member from the band would call out during the song and another member or the rest of the group would respond. Another example of call and respond is in the church where the preacher would say “somebody say amen” and someone from the congregation would respond “amen”. In one of the songs the old black guy can be heard exchanging a few words with a member of the public as she say “hello Chuck are you alright”  and he responded exchanging a few words without interupting the song too much as if it was part of the song. This is a common thing he does and can generate some humour, laughter and response. Remember the volume varies as the position of the iphone varies and as he moves. Here is the video.