Chuck The Southbank Busker


Hello world. This is Chuck the Southbank London busker, street musician, also known as the old black guy playing guitar in kingson and one of the last hard-core buskers still busking. A big thank you to all my fans for your support over the years, sometimes stopping to chat, to jam or to get close up for a picture with me your favourite busker and sometimes refered to as Chuck the Kingston busker. Before becoming a regular busker around the Southbank Centre London I performed in a Afro Caribbean show in the Royal Festival Hall Foyer London. This was before some Londoners even knew the Southbank existed, before Londoneye was ever thought of and when my face still had that shine in my early days before hitting the busking trail.

I have been asked several times why don’t I have a web site? So I have finally developed the guts to have a go at making my first website and I pledge to make your journey through this site an interesting, educational and inspirational one where you will return to follow me again as we embark on a true troubadours journey visiting sites on the way.

I am looking back over the years, collecting what I can of works done to add to the present and researching into other areas of interests to create a new platform to promote my work and to keep in touch with you my fans where ever you may be on the world wide web.

Well, I know you want to know where I’m from. I am from that beautiful Island in the sun call BarbadosIsland in the sun is also the theme title from the 1957 film of the same name starring Harry Belafonte, James Mason, Dorothy Dandridge, Joan Collins just to name a few. This was filmed on locations in Barbados and Grenada two Islands in the Eastern Caribbean. Just to wet your taste. Barbados is well known for its hot mount gay rum, hot girls like Rihana, and the place to chill out for a vacation. Well,there is more, Read about the only country the first USA president George Washington ever visited and two of the signatories to the USA Declaration of Independence who came from Barbados.George Washington in Barbados

I have been living in the UK for a long time and also spend some time in France where buskers are known as artiste, musicien or musicien de rue. While in France I managed to achieve a place in the French arts and culture archives known as Musee national des arts et traditions populaires 1997. I have also performed for French radio and in a festival there which went out on French satellite TV channel sharing my musicial experience both sides of the English Channel in gypsy style. More about France later.

Depends on where you are from some of you will know me simply as Chuck, some as Chuck the Southbank busker. Some of my fans in Kingston upon Thames Surrey UK will know me as the old black guy playing guitar in kingson instead of Kingston which is a mistake by the webmaster forgetting to put the t in Kingston on the facebook pages. Thank you my young fans for loving my busking and musical act in Kingston, for contribute by doing something creative and original within your social networking and for coming up with this unique name for the site. It’s a hit with everyone and I love its originality and the sense of humour of the fans involve.

I am interested in a wide range of subjects but the two main things I have always been passionate about are music and electronics. First I started doing these as hobbies teaching myself to make radios and then progressing to shortwave communications equipment. When I had enough of electronics I would turn to teaching myself to play the guitar and to learn music. Sometimes I wouldn’t touch the guitar for months but I knew I had to take it more seriously and I got down to it. Cutting a long story short after seeing their protentials I dive deeper into both hobbies and their both became my profession.

I joggled between electronics and music for many years until I had reached the crossroads. Once there the decision was made to carry on with the music, side stepping but not forgetting electronics and to continue working from the music plan which is showing some success. To use the knowledge and survival skills I have acquired to “stand on my own two feet”, which seem like a plan made in heaven, which would decide my destiny. Remember, to achieve your goal you must be prepare to give your mind, body, heart or soul. What ever it takes to get there.

The legendary blues man Robert Johnson had to give something at the crosswords to achieve his success. Read about Robert Johnson at the crossroads.

I have for many years been using a home modified analogue drum machine called Select a Beat. Due to my knowledge of electronics I have been able to upgrade this drum machine to produce more better beats than it was design for and made improvements to the original beats also. I have made my amplifier and other gadgets, including foot instruments which I use with my guitar as a one man band. My music has often been refured to as roots music because of the traditional way it’s presented. My repertoire consist mainly of covers but I am also trying my hand at writing songs.

You may have seen my one man band musical act in Amsterdam, Paris or London. In the UK I have occasionally played in places like Croydon, Hounslow, and Woolwhich Arsenal, more often in Harrow on the Hill, Kingston upon Thames, the Southbank Centre London and in Sutton Shopping Centre Surrey.

        Before moving on, here are some inspirational lyrics from a hymn. Walk with me O my Lord, through the darkest night and brightest day Be by my side O Lord, hold my hand and guide me on my way. Some times the road seems long my energy is spent Then Lord I think of you and I am given strength Walk with me O my Lord, through the darkest night and brightest day Be by my side O Lord, hold my hand and guide me on my way.

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